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About the Client

Sargam School of Indian Music, founded in 2006, is a prestigious institution offering education in Indian Classical music. The School has experienced teachers and a diverse student body from various countriesSargam School of Music is renowned for its excellence. It hosts concerts featuring local and international musicians and gained recognition for its talented Tabla maestro, Basant Madhur. Associated with the School are Shukdev Madhur, a renowned vocalist and violinist, and Deepak Madhur, versatile vocals, harmonium, and tabla teacher. The School actively participates in cultural events and workshops and offers a remarkable platform for those passionate about Indian Classical music to learn and grow.

The Challenges Faced by the Client

  • Outdated design
  • Poor user experience
  • Ineffective branding
  • Low search engine visibility
  • Lack of customer management
  • No forms to get customers’ information 
  • Insufficient visual content

How we solved the problem 

1. Innovative Logo Design: We crafted a visually compelling logo that effortlessly communicated the brand’s identity and added elegance to the website.

2. Comprehensive SEO Implementation: Used the most recent Search Engine Optimisation techniques, including integrating meta tags, optimising page titles and descriptions, and improving loading speed and URL structures, thus ensuring the website meets search engine benchmarks for optimal visibility.

3. Dynamic Website Redesign: Completely revamped the website with a modern and updated design. This transformation encompassed a change in layout, colour scheme, typography, and overall visual presentation, enhancing the website’s visual appeal.

4. Seamless CRM Integration: We wove a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system into the website, enabling effective and organised management of customer interactions and data. This innovation lets the business track leads, conversions, and customer information effectively.

5. User-friendly Custom Forms: We developed intuitive, custom-designed forms for contact and enrollment. These user-oriented tools provide an easy way for visitors to interact with the site, be it for reaching out to the owner or signing up for specific services like courses or newsletter subscriptions.

6. Engaging Visual Content: We enriched the website with relevant, high-quality photos and videos. Adding these visual elements enhanced the site’s aesthetic appeal and user engagement.

Notable Result

By giving the website a comprehensive facelift and adopting a modern aesthetic with a unique logo, we significantly boosted the brand identity of the Sargam School of Music. Our SEO strategies played a crucial role in increasing the website’s visibility and paved the way for enhanced organic traffic. 

Integrating customised CRM forms and enrollment interfaces resulted in a streamlined user experience, enabling more efficient customer interactions. Also, including high-quality and relevant visual content made the website even more engaging. Simply put, our successful efforts in reshaping the Sargam School of Music website made it more efficient, user-friendly, and professional, ultimately showcasing our unwavering commitment to perfection.

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