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About the Client 

Shivam, also known as Shiv, is a skilled Vedic Astrologer who has studied under esteemed astrologers and has successfully made accurate predictions. He’s also proficient in energy reading and tarot, using his psychic abilities to connect with physical and spiritual vibrations, a skill he honed under the guidance of respected mediums and energy readers. Shivam is additionally trained in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy from the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation. He incorporates mindfulness techniques into daily life, allowing him to respond more thoughtfully to life’s experiences. He now shares his knowledge and practices with various communities through therapy programs, including the healthcare and corporate sectors.

The Challenges Faced by the Client 

  • Lack of professional branding and logo design
  • Poor search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Unappealing website design
  • Absence of custom forms
  • Inadequate domain and hosting

How we solved the problem 

  1. Logo Design: We meticulously crafted a distinctive logo that visually encapsulates the essence of this brand. It entailed gaining a deep understanding of the company’s ethos, its target demographic, and its unique selling proposition. 
  2. Branding This task extended far beyond just logo design. We used a holistic branding strategy, laying out a cohesive visual and communicative style throughout the business’s public-facing assets. This process involved selecting specific colour palettes, typographies, and imagery that effectively convey the brand’s personality.
  3. SEO Setup: We implemented several measures to maximise the website’s visibility on search engines. It included conducting thorough keyword research, optimising the site’s loading speed, ensuring compatibility with mobile devices, crafting SEO-friendly URLs, configuring meta tags and descriptions, and embedding analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  4. Website Design and Build: We were responsible for both the conceptual and technical aspects of the website creation. It encompassed delineating the site’s structural framework, creating and choosing visually pleasing elements, and utilising a website building platform to construct the site. 
  5. Custom Forms: We crafted bespoke forms for the website, catering to user interactions like queries, subscriptions, or feedback. Our designer ensured the conditions were user-friendly, secure, and aligned with the overall design and branding.
  6. Domain and Hosting Setup: Our team assisted Shivastro in selecting and purchasing a suitable domain name (website URL) that aligns with the brand. We also helped choose a reliable hosting service and configure the domain to link with the hosting server. We uploaded website files, configured DNS settings, and ensured website accessibility.

Notable Result

Our strategic interventions dramatically elevated his brand recognition and fostered customer loyalty. We achieved this by sculpting a sophisticated website with a distinctive logo and harmonious brand aesthetic. Our deep-rooted expertise in SEO maximised ShivAstro’s digital footprint and led to a remarkable upswing in organic web traffic. 

The user-centric design and efficient custom forms we incorporated boosted user engagement and improved conversion rates. We guaranteed an optimised performance and unmatched user experience by choosing a reliable domain and top-tier hosting service. Our collective efforts significantly expanded ShivAstro’s customer base and led to prominence in his online success. 

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