Food and Product Photography

Flying Rickshaw Eatery

About the Client 

Flying rickshaw eatery takes pride in its culinary expertise and commitment to flavour. The skilled chefs in the kitchen start from scratch, using a variety of spices and techniques to create delicious meals. They use fresh and local produce, meats, seafood, and vegetables to offer a diverse menu. The eatery values honesty and incorporates secret masalas and other ingredients to create memorable and mouthwatering dishes. The overall experience at the restaurant revolves around the enjoyment of enticing flavours and aromas.

The Challenges Faced by the Client 

  • Inadequate visual appeal and consistency.
  • Low-quality images.
  • Lack of engaging content.
  • Poor social media integration.
  • Absence of storytelling/ brand narrative.
  • Lack of regular updates or new content.

How we solved the problem 

1. Crafted Social Media Marketing Content: We collaborated closely with the client to craft visually engaging and brand-consistent content for various social media platforms. It included designing eye-catching graphics, banners, and infographics meticulously tailored to resonate with the brand’s visual identity. In addition, we ensured the content was precisely optimised for social media platforms, adhering to their recommended dimensions and specifications.

2. Food Photography: We worked hand-in-hand with the client, employing professional food styling and lighting techniques to capture mouthwatering images of their dishes. Leveraging professional photography equipment, we skillfully captured and edited aesthetically pleasing photographs to ensure their stellar appearance on the website and social media platforms.

3. Customised Videos for Social Media Marketing: We produced engaging videos custom-made for social media marketing, including short promotional clips, recipe demonstrations, and behind-the-scenes footage. Our team conceptualised, filmed, edited, and added necessary graphics and text overlays to produce shareable and engaging video content.

Notable Result

We created a compelling online presence for Flying rickshaw eatery by implementing these strategic interventions. Their website and social media profiles were adorned with visually captivating content, which included high-quality food photography and engaging videos which significantly elevated the business’s social media profile, spurred engagement, and boosted brand recognition. The visually compelling content drew in potential customers, fostering a positive perception of the company and funnelling increased website traffic. These outcomes supported the business’s upward trajectory and fortified its position in the food industry.

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