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About the Client

Auckland 4WDS specialise in offering a wide range of vehicles, including Utes, trucks, and 4WD vehicles, catering to various needs and preferences. Their team of experienced sales professionals is committed to assisting customers in finding the perfect car at a competitive price. They also provide financing options to facilitate the purchase process.

The Challenges Faced by the Client

  • Lack of a logo that represented the brand.
  • Poor search engine visibility, resulting in low organic traffic and reduced visibility to potential customers.
  • Unappealing website design that did not align with the brand’s image.
  • Limited functionality led to a poor user experience and lower engagement.
  • Inefficient representation of the dealership’s inventory, making it difficult for customers to browse and explore available vehicles.
  • Inconvenient or complex finance application process, hindering potential buyers from exploring financing options.
  • Inadequate integration of social media marketing, limiting the dealership’s reach and engagement with potential customers
  • Reduced local visibility
  • Lack of a suitable domain name and reliable hosting.

How we solved the problem

1. Distinctive Logo Creation: We skillfully crafted a logo for the Auckland 4WDS, serving as the face of the brand and laying the foundation for a robust brand identity.

2. Strategic SEO Implementation: We deployed key Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to bolster the website’s visibility and prominence across search engines. Optimisation included refining page titles, meta tags, descriptions, and overall website architecture, amplifying its search engine performance.

3. Comprehensive Website Design and Development: Our team conceptualised, designed, and built a complete website for the car dealership, weaving in an appealing layout, harmonious colour scheme, and suitable typography. We meticulously organised content for optimal user-friendliness.

4. Integrated Classified Listings: We incorporated a specialised classified listings feature into the website, empowering the dealership to display its diverse inventory of Utes, trucks, and 4WD vehicles. Each listing carries detailed descriptions, specifications, and pricing, enriching the customer’s browsing experience.

5. Customised Finance Form Integration: We integrated a bespoke finance form into the website, streamlining the finance application process for potential buyers. This feature lets customers explore and apply for financing through the website, ensuring convenience.

6. Engaging Social Media Marketing: We interwove social media marketing elements into the website design, adding social media icons and links leading to the dealership’s profiles. This strategy encourages visitors to interact with the brand across multiple social platforms, boosting brand engagement.

7. Integrated a Google My Business (GMB) Account: We created a GMB listing for the dealership, ensuring all details are correct and the listing is optimised. This includes adding photos, business hours, and dealership descriptions to ensure local searchers can find the business easily on Google Search and Google Maps.

8. Domain Acquisition and Reliable Hosting: We assisted the car dealership in acquiring a suitable domain name for their website. In addition, we set up and managed the hosting service, ensuring consistent website accessibility and seamless performance.

Notable Result

Auckland 4Wds now boasts a meticulously crafted, user-centric page that melds professionalism with an intuitive design. It has a visually compelling logo and a layout optimised for user engagement; the website is a testament to adept design.

The implemented SEO strategies enhanced search engine visibility. The site now effectively showcases comprehensive vehicle listings, enriching customer experience by detailing specifications and streamlining the financing process. The website’s digital footprint has been amplified by incorporating social media marketing elements, contributing to a solid online presence. The website’s performance has also been optimised, ensuring reliable and seamless operation.

With their presence firmly established on Google My Business (GMB), the dealership witnessed a surge in local customers who quickly discovered and engaged with their extensive offerings. Also, the review feature led to an enriched trust factor, as potential buyers valued the transparency of genuine customer feedback. This strategic positioning catalysed a notable surge in local engagement, increasing regional sales

Our strategic implementations have morphed Auckland 4Wds’ website into a comprehensive, high-performing digital platform. It is now poised to attract increased visitors, driving engagement and catalysing sales.

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