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Auckland 4WDS

About the Client

Auckland 4WDS specialise in offering a wide range of vehicles, including Utes, trucks, and 4WD vehicles, catering to various needs and preferences. Their team of experienced sales professionals is committed to assisting customers in finding the perfect car at a competitive price. They also provide financing options to facilitate the purchase process.

The Challenges Faced by the Client

  • Unoptimised social media accounts and minimal social presence
  • Lack of a comprehensive brand guide and consistent branding across platforms
  • Reliance on marketplace postings for customer acquisition
  • Absence of lead generation ads targeting potential customers
  • Poor search visibility leading to low organic traffic and limited visibility
  • Inefficient representation of vehicle inventory, hindering customer exploration
  • Complex finance application process deterring potential buyers
  • Inadequate integration of social media marketing, limiting reach and engagement
  • Reduced local visibility due to insufficient digital presence

How we solved the problem

1. Engaging Social Media Posts:  We curated and published numerous captivating social media posts to enhance Auckland 4WDS’s brand visibility. Each post was meticulously crafted to resonate with their target audience, showcasing their vehicles, promotions, and unique selling propositions.

2. Compelling Stories: Leveraging the power of Stories, we created dynamic and engaging content that highlighted special offers, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the dealership. These Stories provided a more personal and immediate connection with potential customers.

3. Short-Form Videos: Our team produced short, attention-grabbing videos showcasing Auckland 4WDS’s vehicles in action, highlighting features, and conveying the dealership’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These videos effectively captured viewers’ attention and generated interest.

4. Social Media Account Optimisation: We optimised Auckland 4WDS’s social media profiles, ensuring they reflected the brand’s identity and values. This included updating profile information, adding engaging cover photos, and optimising bio sections to attract and inform visitors.

5. Lead Generation Ads: By setting up targeted lead generation ads across multiple platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, we directed high-quality leads to Auckland 4WDS. These ads were designed to drive conversions and expand the dealership’s customer base.

Notable Result

The transformation of Auckland 4WDS’s social media presence has yielded remarkable outcomes, showcasing the power of strategic digital marketing:

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: Through our tailored social media strategy, Auckland 4WDS has experienced a significant boost in brand visibility and recognition within the automotive industry in Auckland. Consistent and engaging content has captured the attention of potential customers, establishing Auckland 4WDS as a reputable and customer-focused dealership.
  • Increased Engagement: Our creative content approach has driven higher levels of engagement, sparking meaningful interactions with the audience. Auckland 4WDS now enjoys increased likes, comments, and shares across social media platforms, fostering a stronger connection with existing and potential customers.
  • Improved Customer Interactions: The revamped social media presence has facilitated more meaningful interactions with customers. Auckland 4WDS receives inquiries, feedback, and testimonials directly through social media channels, fostering a positive and responsive customer experience.

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Auckland 4wds
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Auckland 4wds - Social Media Marketing
Auckland 4wds

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